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HELLO OREBIĆ - Live like a local

Unless you have a real local friend, you'll never hear about Orebić best cafes and restaurants, photo spots, and venues for art or concerts. This is Orebić unlocked for sure :) Let's start :)

Today Ivan, Tanja, Olga, and Fani would give us tips for Orebić and surroundings :)

Which location offers the best possible view to take a photo?

Ivan: Franciscan monastery, without a doubt.

Tanja: Franciscan monastery, especially sunset :)

Olga: Franciscan monastery and viewpoint on the road "Kapetani" (captains)

Fani: Franciscan monastery and viewpoint on the road "Kapetani" (captains), and of course sunset in Viganj

The winner for photo point is a Franciscan monastery,

Where is the best for a good.....


Ivan: Mimbelli Restaurant, highly recommend for a nice meal and pleasant atmosphere.

Tanja: Čiringito in Viganj, great tapas selection

Fani: Estravaganza, near Lovište


Ivan: Fast Food Hamby, burgers are great every time.

Tanja: Karako

Olga: Karako in Orebić, Bota Šare in Mali Ston, or Braenović (Dalmatinska kuća) in Dingač.

Fani: Ponar, the best view ever or in Portun in Potomje.

coffee: X2, all locals know that spot, or colloquially - Marić

Your favorite wine from Pelješac peninsula?

What do you plan for a rainy day?

I spend time with my family :)

What is an ideal gift/souvenir and where can you find it?

Pelješac is a well-known wine region. So, Skaramuča wines again. You can buy them in Skaramuča wine bars in Viganj, Pijavičino, Ston and Dubrovnik.

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