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We have to admit the weather in Dalmatia is not really rainy. Especially it is not rainy in the summertime. But, from time to time, you have to find something to do while it is raining :)

So just in case, you happen to catch our lovely Orebić on one of its wet days, here are 5 things to do in Orebić when it rains:

1. Visit Korčula

Right across the way, you will find Korčula island. Take a boat from Orebić port and you are there in 15 minutes top. Visit the home of Marco Polo, beautiful old town, museums...

Take shelter inside an attraction and absorb the culture…

2. Visit Maritime Museum

Located on the promenade by the sea, the Maritime Museum, which was established in 1957 includes exhibitions of diverse historical material significant for the maritime industry of Orebić.

3. Visit Franciscan Monastery

Franciscan monastery in Orebić has one of the most beautiful observation towers on the Mediterranean. And you can visit museums and churches.

Bring a souvenir home…

4. Visit wineries

Pelješac is the heart of Croatian wine land. The entire peninsula is 1st class wine-growing region. It is well-known for its red wines.
A huge plus of Pelješac is many beautiful, family running, wineries.
Bottle of wine from Pelješac is one of the most wanted Croatian souvenirs ;)
Our favorite wine stop - Skaramuča Dingač.

Treat yourself…

5. Eat & drink (in Ston)

Last, but definitely not least, with such a wealth of restaurants and bars, you can go traditional Italian, international, fast food..... We will recommend some of them soon :)

Yes, today we suggest you visit Ston. Konoba Bakus is a favorite restaurant to locals and tourists on the peninsula. Try seafood. It is delicious :)

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